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Actually Xbox Live code generator becoming the most famous Gaming console among youngsters and all  age people but maximum of them who are specially found of playing games or online games so now you mind be having a concept of knowing desperately about getting Xbox live code or Xbox live gold code? or Why you need a Xbox live gift card or a Code to get points in your Xbox live Account.Looking for Xbox live gift cards to buy at cheapest price,As Microsoft has announced Now that Xbox live points will be discontinued by giving a Xbox live Gift Card to Users this Gift card will be specific to regions, for example a £10

Xbox Live Gift Card Will only available in the UK while gift card of  $10 Gift card Must be redeemed in the US.So this way you are observing a kind of Variations Exist a plenty of new card having different cost containing differ worth of points and membership level like for 3 months gold membership and so for 12 months gold membership or you can say for whole year these cards containing different level of points in them when these are redeemed in Microsoft Account as seen in an image below their price is as follow, $16,$36,$15 and $35 for 3 months gold and 12 months gold others 1600 Microsoft points and 4000 Microsoft points respectively.So you got the idea now you need Free Xbox live gift Card to Get Xbox live points , right?

Now, If you want to buy these gift cards best options are like eBay and amazon or direct through MSN,Xbox site but if you want to have a Generator hows it would be??Amazing..! Right ya, some 17% of total don't please on this truth that it can be done by any generator but in actually its a fact it can be done, in market as you can see many programmers working on hacking sites email Facebook,twitter social accounts forums etc. it has now made possible you can have a this kind of amazing generator that can give you instantly XBOX LIVE POINTS,but how? its answer is here Xbox live points are easy to get if you have a XBOX live gift card that is having a code written on it right.!All you need to do is download our most trust-able Generator that is today free of cost you can download it now in minutes this generator will ask you for your email and name you can also enter a random name or email better is that you use a new email so you can feel safe most of the users avoid giving email because they are much afraid of being spam so its a spam free software and site all you do is register there after installing and then you are able to use that generator when you will start it,it works automatically you will get a card with a code on it to your email id there you go and use this code for Getting Xbox live points to your Xbox or Microsoft Account these are Free Xbox live Gift Card codes that are given for some more time just after these are definitely for premium users of our site but as you read this post go fast install generator and let the others people know this promotion is till the start of 2015 you are going to have a Xbox live gift card for free and its an amazing this for the users for Xbox as this is for everyone out of ASIA get it now.We do not count for ASIA because of low consumer rate in Such Countries like Pakistan,India,china and all other in ASIA.For some reasons it is not available to them. But for Maximum users of Xbox live 360 can enjoy this facility so just stop wasting time and money here and there focus on generating Xbox live code using generator.
Xbox live points generator

We assure you, these codes are legit and free to use.If you face any problem in Getting this card our service is 24/7 a service provider will Contact you soon,hope this will not be needed and don't forget to share this thing with your friends on all other social sites and give your most precious Suggestions to us via Contact us page Mentioned at the top right Corner.Enjoy your Gaming with Xbox 360 

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Xbox live Gold Member.! It is a well known thing for the Xbox User Who really wants to enjoy weather they are or aren't the Regular player if a Person looking for a Xbox 360 live Gold Membership and he wants to have it for sure without any kind of investment or paying money to anyone also not by completing any sort of task for any one not to pay a commerce site he can have this membership for free exactly from this place,techlivegen have given many peoples many codes since more than 1 year what we do is we provide a URL to download a Xbox live code generator sometimes a popup window appears while download and people ignore this that its a scam or may be a virus,No..! it is not a virus many videos have been there in the Video proof section given on the right section of the side you can see there.As a count it is being checked that only 27-30% people allows their system to download the file.So,please must watch the videos first before staring download of the file.When you have seen these videos now you come back and allow the system to download.It will provide a kind of generator that will give you free Xbox 360 live Code these codes are actually live Gold Codes people have thanked by email you can also send me email from the contact section and also you can send me the information if having any problem feel free to contact.Gold Membership time has been more extended now for those who want to share it more with others so they can also enjoy now Xbox Gold Membership in Free.So We can Give as much as we can.
These Membership are availed through Only Using Our This Amazing Generator which is Giving Live Xbox Digital Codes for free that was not free ever but from now.
Xbox live Gold Membership Free

Clicking above will take you to the source of that generator just direct download it without any sort of trouble and any survey quick download,Start the program and simply proceed towards the Code,here it is last thing you must need to know you can get only one by submitting your mail id and only one code for one new user so don't try to use ip and any other source like for Free Xbox live Gold Member ship as its free but for one ip each.Now at the end you must do comments below give your positive feedback in commenting below the area so that we can keep in touch with you,by doing so Xbox live code giving team will keep an eye on the users all the time.Don't Forget to Comment Below the Post in the comment menu and feel free to give your expressions to us Admin will reply you on time as this is now a social giving best side since last 2 years in history of XBOX LIVE CODE GENERATOR.Use it As Process described in how to use menu. 

Download Microsoft Points Generator

It has never been easier for Users to Get their desires to be fulfilled so, imperatively we also working very hard and as its also not a cheaper way to be processed rapidly.because daily thousands of Xbox live codes are given for free our focus is to manage this regularly, no company provides offers free of cost but being an international team.its our responsibility to provide these facilities as much as it is possible.By keeping this view in Mind we have Started a New Generator although "Xbox live Code Generator" and "Xbox live codes" are just simply processed online by entering your email id.But as far as it is concerned with Microsoft Points Generator. This tool is so fast in working and very much user friendly so users could find it as convenient for them in have neither any secrets nor folk ways it's a quick simple but very Powerful and Free Microsoft Points Generator accurate tool that can work without any sort of interruption 24/7.This Microsoft tool is not supported with any of the Xbox or any other gaming platform.All the thing that you require is a good internet connection because bad speed always a trouble that you might get a code that already redeemed because of speed issue every IP can have one.All of it the best quality is fantastic that its first code is 100% Workable and free easy to use anyone can have it you just need to click on the button which is given below.These Microsoft points Coupons are very easy to use you can use them in your Microsoft account without any interruption.
Microsoft Points Generator

Coupons codes Worth as follow:
and 800Mp.
Now Introducing a Whole Year Gold Membership of Account who Will Generate Code Before 31st of may 2014,these are most valued code till now,so be Hurry
please give us your valuable feedback to us and if any complaint don't hesitate in contact with us all your queries will be solved ASAP. 

Free Xbox Live Code Direct Online Generated

It's Being Going Curios All the Time People use to be had a Generator Which can Provide them Free of Cost Xbox Live Codes or Cheats to Get Point in Their Live Microsoft Account that can Easily be redeemed so we always here to make it as more as possible and easier for our Respectable Users they don't Feel any sort of guilty or shame in getting Free Xbox Live Codes but as its also been seemed that almost a 70% of Users who are Searching from a Long time to find real generator,we provided it since 2 years and never ever asked even a penny from them its proof that you can see below in Section of XBOX LIVE CODE GENERATOR they very Happy With us.So, Defiantly if our users happy we happy all what we want from you is Best Ranking among all competitors also never you asked by us to fill any form or do a quick survey neither ever told you to complete a short view etc because you also know 90% of them are fake and absolutely fake here you comes and find the Worlds Best Generator But From Today you Will Having the Best Service From Us till yet its a Online Generator That will give you free Xbox live Codes that also include platinum and Gold membership,Xbox live Gold Codes are also Given Online it depends Upon your Luck and time its like Fist come first avail so be quick we are also being update and curios to solve every issue that is picked up from any user many of users have contacted with us and they always get satisfied with our response or either, Our Team Personal Hope We Will be Best Among Every one of our competitors ever..Must Watch Our Videos and You can also Get Many of the wallpapers for your desktops and mobile appliance which is especially designed by our out class Designers for Xbox core lover.Here is the Short Button by Clicking it you can get your Xbox live code 
Xbox live Codes
Codes Generated Are Free to use no hidden charges are included,Codes are being updated time to time and are legit to use definitely if any sort of Error occur no need to feel any sort of hesitation go to contact tab always pleased to help our users and pleased to provide best quality of service, We Ensure you to be contact you ASAP as you are In Queue you will be deal on time.Keep on Visiting and Comment and give your important suggestions to us.

Xbox 360 LIVE Code Generator Download

Xbox LIVE Code Generator 

Playing on your Xbox 360 online is great, however you need Xbox LIVE Gold in order to do this. These codes cost money, but I'm offering a chance to get one for free here so that you can play online with your friends.
There are now two chances to get an Xbox LIVE Gold Code! Firstly, there's the generator which generates a random code. There are no guarantees that the code will work. However the NEW addition is the purchased codes: these are codes I actually go out and buy! These work, however it's first come first serve and there's a limited supply, SO HURRY!!!!

Xbox LIVE Generator.!

Got an Xbox 360? I would be surprised if you didn’t. Why else would you be here? One of the biggest things for the Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s online service: Xbox LIVE. Xbox LIVE lets you do all kinds of things, contrary to the belief that you can just play online. Playing against other people in various games is certainly one of its biggest selling points, after all who doesn’t want to hijack cars and shoot people on GTA: IV? In addition to this you can do lots of things, like add friends, acquire gamer points, send voice messages, chat to groups, purchase things from the marketplace, the list goes on! You only unlock the Xbox’s true potential by signing up to Xbox LIVE.
Xbox LIVE is a service you subscribe to. You can create an account for free however you will be limited on the features you can use. This is called Xbox LIVE Silver. You can’t play games with other people, which multiplayer gaming is the biggest appeal of Xbox LIVE, nor can you chat with other people over a headset. The silver account lets you do a few things though! You can access the Xbox LIVE Marketplace which lets you purchase things such as map packs, expansions to games, backgrounds, avatars and a few other things. You can in fact download games from the marketplace, including the smaller arcade games. You’re also allowed to have a friends list, so you can chat (by text) to your friends. Your gamer profile, along with gamer points and achievements is also fully active. Remember that Gold members have a higher priority over Silver members; this means some content might be delayed for the Silver users so that the Gold members get it first. Also with Xbox LIVE Silver you can’t watch EPSN or use Netflix, whereas with Gold you can. With Xbox LIVE Gold you’ll be able to do everything you can with Silver, plus send voice messages, chat with people in games and lobbies and also play with other people online. To be honest, the main reason for using Xbox LIVE is to play games with other gamers, so it’d be pointless to not get it.

***You can also watch online how to get Your Xbox live code....

You can get Xbox LIVE Gold through a few different methods. First up, if you’ve never used Gold before you can sign up for a Silver account and Microsoft will ask you if you’d like to trial Xbox LIVE Gold for 30 days. If you choose yes you’ll get 30 days unhindered access to Xbox LIVE and all it’s goodness. This is worth doing if the option is available to you. Next up you could just purchase an Xbox LIVE Gold Code from a variety of places. They’re sold in many gaming shops as well as retail outlets as little cards. You can also buy them on Amazon and Ebay from sellers, but be careful as there may be some dodgy people around. A simpler option is to just purchase it straight from Microsoft, by purchasing straight from the Xbox website. It’s probably cheapest and most convenient option. Some people don’t have the money for Xbox LIVE Gold Codes, so they turn to free options, such as Code Generators.

Xbox Code Generator

Xbox LIVE Code Generator's can be found all over the internet. Some come in the form of websites, like XBLGen and some are executable programs. You should be very wary of the LIVE Code Generators that come as .exe files as many of them are riddled with viruses and nasty things that’ll harm your computer. They may even steal your details. The website code generators are a lot safer so you should stick with them. Some of them are simply lists of Xbox LIVE Gold Codes, others are more technical, such as XBLGen. has a handmade script that generates codes in the form of Xbox LIVE Codes. I’m totally honest and upfront when I say that the generator isn’t accurate. I make no promises at all and you just have a chance of getting a code. That is why there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive a working code. It’s all down to chance. Many people don’t get working codes, yet a few might. All you have to do is complete a quick survey or download a free game and then the page will unlock. You can then generate a code. You’re able to generate as many codes as you want for 24hrs after that to try and maximize your chances of generating a working code. On occasion I will purchase Xbox LIVE Gold Codes and add them to the page so there’s an even bigger chance of getting a working code. You have to be quick though, as hundreds of people visit this site daily. That’s a much safer option than downloading shady software claiming to give you codes. Some sites will guarantee codes, but an Xbox Code Generator cannot guarantee codes as only MS knows their own algorithm for their codes.
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