Free Xbox live gift Card to Get Xbox live points

Actually Xbox Live code generator becoming the most famous Gaming console among youngsters and all  age people but maximum of them who are specially found of playing games or online games so now you mind be having a concept of knowing desperately about getting Xbox live code or Xbox live gold code? or Why you need a Xbox live gift card or a Code to get points in your Xbox live Account.Looking for Xbox live gift cards to buy at cheapest price,As Microsoft has announced Now that Xbox live points will be discontinued by giving a Xbox live Gift Card to Users this Gift card will be specific to regions, for example a £10

Xbox Live Gift Card Will only available in the UK while gift card of  $10 Gift card Must be redeemed in the US.So this way you are observing a kind of Variations Exist a plenty of new card having different cost containing differ worth of points and membership level like for 3 months gold membership and so for 12 months gold membership or you can say for whole year these cards containing different level of points in them when these are redeemed in Microsoft Account as seen in an image below their price is as follow, $16,$36,$15 and $35 for 3 months gold and 12 months gold others 1600 Microsoft points and 4000 Microsoft points respectively.So you got the idea now you need Free Xbox live gift Card to Get Xbox live points , right?

Now, If you want to buy these gift cards best options are like eBay and amazon or direct through MSN,Xbox site but if you want to have a Generator hows it would be??Amazing..! Right ya, some 17% of total don't please on this truth that it can be done by any generator but in actually its a fact it can be done, in market as you can see many programmers working on hacking sites email Facebook,twitter social accounts forums etc. it has now made possible you can have a this kind of amazing generator that can give you instantly XBOX LIVE POINTS,but how? its answer is here Xbox live points are easy to get if you have a XBOX live gift card that is having a code written on it right.!All you need to do is download our most trust-able Generator that is today free of cost you can download it now in minutes this generator will ask you for your email and name you can also enter a random name or email better is that you use a new email so you can feel safe most of the users avoid giving email because they are much afraid of being spam so its a spam free software and site all you do is register there after installing and then you are able to use that generator when you will start it,it works automatically you will get a card with a code on it to your email id there you go and use this code for Getting Xbox live points to your Xbox or Microsoft Account these are Free Xbox live Gift Card codes that are given for some more time just after these are definitely for premium users of our site but as you read this post go fast install generator and let the others people know this promotion is till the start of 2015 you are going to have a Xbox live gift card for free and its an amazing this for the users for Xbox as this is for everyone out of ASIA get it now.We do not count for ASIA because of low consumer rate in Such Countries like Pakistan,India,china and all other in ASIA.For some reasons it is not available to them. But for Maximum users of Xbox live 360 can enjoy this facility so just stop wasting time and money here and there focus on generating Xbox live code using generator.
Xbox live points generator

We assure you, these codes are legit and free to use.If you face any problem in Getting this card our service is 24/7 a service provider will Contact you soon,hope this will not be needed and don't forget to share this thing with your friends on all other social sites and give your most precious Suggestions to us via Contact us page Mentioned at the top right Corner.Enjoy your Gaming with Xbox 360